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tater-vendI’m into lots of geeky projects. Drupal and WordPress web sites. Linux apps like Mythv, Zoneminder and Kodi. I have used Rasberry Pi to make video loop players, nagios monitoring for web sites and I’ve hacked (in a good way) lots of stuff over the years.  I repacked the grease in my KitchenAid mixer, rebuilt the carburator in my weed wacker, replaced my own hot water heater. I once added a new garage door opener, changed a hose bib, nailed in real wood floors, and cussed out a lot of  broken laminate.  I can paint. What all these projects have in common is that I learned how to do all this stuff by reading books, things I found on the web, or by listening to podcasts.

Up until now I have been hesitant to tell my stories because I’m such an amateur and many of my projects have ended in disaster. I’m not an expert. I make lots of mistakes, and my way of doing stuff is not often the right way. I’m a learner. I have learned from many other imperfect folks out there who were brave and shared their projects. Sometimes the fourth or fifth person to explain something NAILS IT for me … so in that spirit, I’m relaunching the 24 hour potato machine — again.

24 Hour Potato Machine

The original 24-hour self serve potato machine, circa 1986. This converted Ice machine made me wonder … who needs access to potatoes 24/7? Ice, yes — there is urgency with ice. Then I thought … well there have been evenings when some hash browns or fries would have been cool. I can see myself driving out there to that field to score a bag. This web site is a tribute to all that stuff you did not know you needed until you saw it.