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The 90s called and wanted their 1/2 bath back. Here is how I used the google to transform the downstairs crapper.

 1. Demo the easy stuff

Smash the vanity, remove the toilet, easy going. Use a sawzall if you have one.

2. Remove the wallpaper Using WP CHOMP!

WP Chomp gets it done. Faster than you think!

3. Remove the huge mirror without killing anyone

4. Remove the old tile, mortar bed and wire mesh

5. Repair the drywall where the drywall paper was torn

First paint the torn drywall paper patches with OIL BASED PRIMER! not the whole wall … that stuff smells.

Then … drywall mud

5a. Paint Paint Paint

Use good paint! Goes on pink … dries white, EfFing magic.

And use Frog Tape.

6. Install hardie backerboard (cement board substrate)

7. Figure out the toilet flange issues

On top of the finished floor. ON TOP.

8. Install some tile … using mixed thinset mortar

9. Grout using Mapei Ultracolor Plus

10. Do a good job on the wood trim!

This dude teaches many great things!

11. Use a router to prepare your door for rounded hinges