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Fixes LED Christmas Lights

The LED Keeper

Like you, I have struggled with light-related issues during the winter holiday season. Yes I’m talking about Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and any other celebration that involves the use of strands of light emitting diodes that are wired “in series.”

You know what wired “in series” means. It means when one light or light socket goes out a whole damn section of the thing goes out. This bugs me. Because I KNOW it is an easy fix — but until now, I have not been able to find a way to LOCATE THE BAD BULB or SOCKET! But let there be light brothers and sisters!

The LED Keeper, which seems to be almost exclusively available at 

IT WORKS and it WORKS quickly. I felt super smart because I fixed three faulty LED strands(which probably cost me at least $20 each) in less than half an hour. Bam! Done.

Just buy this gizmo — use it and feel better about yourself and your power to command your domain.

Don’t confuse the LED Keeper with the Lightkeeper PRO. The yellow one is for LED lights — the Red one is for the old incandescent type light strands. I have not used the red one because when I used the old incandescent lights there were so cheap it was easier to just buy fresh ones  — the power saving LED strands are pricer and work fixing in my way of thinking.