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Chromecast Audio — $35

so dang easy!

I have been enjoying my Google Home — and like to ask her to play specific songs or “artist radio” on Spotify. It’s taken away the hassle of playlists and downloads and itunes.

HEY — why not cast audio to my home entertainment rig — so I added a chromecast audio wifi device and now I can “cast” to it using Spotify on my phone. BUT WHY STOP THERE? I had the old Bose 301 Series II in the basement collecting dust. Now I added a mini Lepy Amp ($20 from Amazon) connected speaks and the ChromeCast Audio to and BAM — I have a portable way to deploy the old death speakers on the front porch for the traditional Halloween spooky sound effects playlist controlled on the sly with my phone. I hang out on the porch with Sarge the black lab and play the hell hound growling sound effect — and the trick or treaters lose their minds! Love it.

Old Bose — fully depreciated 30 years ago